We have a commitment to making the streets and walkways in Aurora better. The importance of maintaining our sidewalks and streets, not just as functional pathways, but as vital components of a clean, safe, and inviting experience for residents and visitors.

Aurora’s downtown has long been inviting for residents and visitors alike. Its walkable streets create a sense of connection between local businesses, historic landmarks, and the community. We take pride in our downtown’s unique character, and we recognize that maintaining its charm requires ongoing efforts. Mayor Mark Drury is committed to enhancing our downtown experience. His vision centers around creating a thriving urban environment that reflects the city’s vibrant spirit and encourages community engagement. Recognizing that well-maintained streets and sidewalks are fundamental to achieving this vision, the Mayor and City Manager have been spearheading projects to update and improve the downtown streetscape.

We continue to work on all streets in the City of Aurora. Thanks to CCMG Grants, MVH tax, and other federal grants we have been able to continuously tackle the problem of decaying streets and sidewalks, and will continue to do so. With Second, Third, and Main St. all completed we look towards the current construction at Bridgeway and Fourth St., and then furthermore to the rest of the Downtown roads and sidewalks.

We understand that surrounding streets need attention as well, with Market St. currently under construction and streets like Richmond and Billingsley recently being completed. As the list of streets requiring attention grows, we will continue to tackle these issues in the way of preventative maintenance (crack sealing, pot hole filling, etc.) as we complete street and sidewalk repairs one CCMG project at a time.

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