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Welcome to the Recreation page of Aurora, Indiana, where we believe in the importance of leisure and physical activity for a happy and healthy community. Our city is home to various parks, trails, and facilities that cater to all ages and interests. Whether you enjoy biking, walking the trails, boating, kayaking or simply enjoying the great outdoors, there is something for everyone. We invite you to explore our recreational offerings and find your favorite ways to stay active and engaged in our vibrant community.

Local Marinas

Aurora Harbor, LLC.

Address: 605 Green Blvd. (US 50)    Phone: 513-288-7271

Johnston’s Yacht Club

Address:  5159 Wilmington Pike Phone:  812-926-0305

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

Address: 11042 SR 56      
Phone: 812-926-4505

Sunset Bay Marina & Campground

Address: 799 Westside Dr. (SR 350)   
Phone: 513-266-1117

Waterways Marina

Address: 351 Moore St.   
Phone: 844-496-BOAT (2628)

Where can I rent a bicycle?

There are multiple locations to rent bicycles in Downtown Aurora, Dearborn Trail, and Downtown Lawrenceburg. Downtown Aurora has a Main Street parking lot across from City Hall, while Dearborn Trail has a station at the Aurora Dog Park (109 Manchester Landing Aurora IN), and Downtown Lawrenceburg has stations at Ivy Tech and the Lawrenceburg Event Center.

How do I rent a bicycle?

To rent a bicycle, download the new 2018 MOVATIC App first, which looks like a bike chain. The app requires an iOS or Android Smartphone and location and Bluetooth turned on to operate. Use the app to locate the station where you are at, add your credit card and contact information, and input the bike number available to rent. Select the bike you want using Bluetooth, which will unlock and blink the lock, then pull the bike back from the bike rack within 10 seconds. The app has a retry button feature to give another 10-second window if unable to remove the bike.

How much does it cost to rent a bicycle?

The rental fee is $3.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional hour. Only credit cards are accepted in the app, and two bicycles may be rented at one time via the MOVATIC App smartphone user.

How do I end the rental when I return the bicycle?

In the Movatic App, there is a red icon in the top right corner that will prompt you to end the rental. Make sure to select the correct bike station to return the rental to and report a problem if necessary. Once the end the rental process is complete, the bicycle may be rented again. Rental charges will continue until the bicycle is returned to the bike station, and end the rental is finished in the Movatic App.

Is there someone who can assist me with the Movatic App?

Yes. For assistance with the Movatic App, on-site bike station questions, accessibility or rental charges, contact 812-290-1070 or 812-584-1092. If no answer, then a River Cities Bike Share Program representative will return your call as soon as possible. For more information, visit the rivercitiesbikeshare.com or aurora.in.us.

Can I return the bicycle to any station?

No. The Movatic App is GPS-based and will prompt the user to address the station the bicycle is returned to, including Downtown Aurora, Dearborn Trail (at the Aurora Dog Park), or Downtown Lawrenceburg. Please return the rental bicycle to the station where it was rented from and select end the rental in the app to avoid incidental charges.

Why do I have to return the bicycle to the station I rented it from?

The River Cities Bike Share Program features a ride-and-return policy to facilitate the bicycle inventory. If the bicycle is not returned to the original station, it may create additional charges. Individuals are responsible for bike rental fees, damage, or replacement bicycle fees per the user agreement.

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